I'm a big movie fan. And I think that all movies should first be experienced in their natural form: on the big screen and in a movie theater. In 2014 I saw 75 movies in theaters (not including double/triple screenings of a handful of them... yes, I did see Captain America: Winter Soldier THREE TIMES. Don't judge!). When people ask me how I can spend so much money going to the movies, I always respond with: And how much did you spend going to the bar this weekend? That's usually the end of the argument.

So why would 2015 be any different? My goal for the year is to see 50 movies. That's the same goal I had for 2014, and you see what happened there. I'm actually anticipating closer to 50 this year, but you never know. As I see movies, I'm going to update this post with links to my reviews, housed at Letterboxd (which is essentially Goodreads for movies).

Please keep in mind that I rate movies based on how I feel about them at the moment, not on how they have impacted my life as a whole. So my ratings are very much on a level of entertainment. Enjoy! And share your thoughts in the comments - and friend me on Letterboxd!

(*Note: I just got a Letterboxd account, so reviews from now on will be linked, and ones in the past will be added as I have time.)

1. Kingsmen: The Secret Service

2. Jupiter Ascending
3. Still Alice
4. Focus
5. Birdman

6. American Sniper
7. Chappie
8. Cinderella
9. The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
10. Insurgent
11. Get Hard
12. Woman in Gold

13. Furious 7
14. The Age of Adaline
15. The Water Diviner
16. Avengers: Age of Ultron (x2)

17. Pitch Perfect 2
18. Tomorrowland
19. Mad Max: Fury Road

20. San Andreas
21. Jurassic World
22. Spy
23. Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl
24. Inside Out

25. Terminator: Genisys - ★★★★½
26. Infinitely Polar Bear - ★★★★
27. A Little Chaos - ★★★★½
28. Ant-Man - ★★★★½
29. Ted 2 - ★★★
30. Boulevard - ★★★★
31. Pixels - ★★★★
32. Paper Towns - ★★★★
33. Trainwreck - ★★★★★
34. Mr. Holmes - ★★★★★
35. Do I Sound Gay? - ★★
36. Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation - ★★★★½

37. Ricki and the Flash - ★★★★
38. The End of the Tour - ★★★★★