Genre(s): YA, Commercial, Supernatural

Description: In the near future, humanity has reached new levels of depravity—acts of violence, bigotry, and murder are at all-time highs and getting worse. Then one day the Lightning strikes, and hundreds around the globe are gifted extraordinary powers and made immortal. Their directive? Eradicate all human life so that Earth can get a fresh start. The first wave of attacks hit and over a billion people die.

Ashtyn Whittaker can control the energy around him. After surviving a home invasion that leaves his family and girlfriend dead, he is given an impossible task: blow up NYC... if only he can get there. Before he does, a rogue government agency captures him and he's tortured for information on the beings—gods? aliens?—responsible for creating the Immortals. But after more than a month in captivity, he’s rescued by another Immortal and taken directly to The Mortal Guard, a group dedicated to the preservation of human life. Though he comes to realize that their objectives might not be as pure as he once thought. 

As the second wave of attacks draws nearer, Ashtyn must figure out the true intentions of the beings/people directing his actions, and decide whether the human race actually deserves another chance to restore its fading humanity. And as the list of people Ashtyn cares about grows, his resolve begins to crumble.

Told in multiple points-of-view, THE IMMORTAL LIGHTNING explores what it means to be human in a world overrun by hate and hellbent on destruction.


Genre(s): YA, Commercial, LGBT

Description: Winter van Aerden really wants to get kicked out of Eustace Academy, his uppity East Coast prep school, so he can go home to his boyfriend, Wyatt. That’s the plan, anyway, until Wyatt breaks up with him unexpectedly… for a girl. Now Winter must decide whether to ditch school and fight for his relationship, or settle into this new academy with a fresh start.
Making his decision harder are the members of The Monarchy, a secret society made up of Eustace elite that want him to join their ranks: Aaron, son of the 10th richest man in America; Samuel, a bastard Prince from the House of Windsor; and Michael & Gabriel, twin hustlers whose father was recently indicted for fraud. And then there's Chastin, Winter's new roommate, who rows crew and has Olympic ambitions… not to mention a killer ass.
But betrayal and backstabbing could destroy the clique before Winter has a chance to make up his mind. After they sneak off campus and go to a bar, will they remain friends as the alcohol flows, the secrets spill, and a new king is crowned?
SPARKLE PREP is in the same vein as Gossip Girl and Skins, but with an unapologetically gay twist, where the lines between friends/lovers/enemies often blur and everyone enjoys a good scandal.


Genre(s): YA, Literary, LGBT

Description: California transplant Simon Mason doesn’t know what it means to be gay in the backwoods of Georgia until he comes out at school.  Once the coveted new kid, Simon suddenly finds himself the target of Pat, the school bully, and his gang of bigoted friends.  Teasing escalates to violence when Simon discovers the startling secret behind Pat’s rage, culminating in the brutal death of Simon's boyfriend and first love, Damen.

Now, instead of worrying about acne and homework, he’s attending Damen's funeral and unwillingly reliving the past year of his life with a therapist who wants to be his “friend.”  It’s not until it becomes clear that Pat won’t face any consequences for his actions that Simon makes the desperate decision to punish Pat for his crimes.  But is killing someone in the name of love any better than doing so because of hate?

WITH/OUT is the story of how one teen tries to overcome grief and, when that doesn't work, seeks revenge.



Short Stories

Short Stories


Published: Vine Leaves Literary Journal, January 2012

Description: Simon and Damen spend some alone-time together on a beach. As they lay in the afternoon sun, Damen starts drawing hidden messages onto the skin of Simon's back with his fingers. (Excerpt from With/Out.)